What's new and good in my world


Just wrapped on Dietland Epsiode 108. It's a new dark comedy series coming to TV via AMC this year! Starring Joy Nash who is sweet as pie and fun to work with, and Directed by Helen Shaver.


sweetbitter coming at you- may 6th

This was a particularly exciting project for me to be a part of because I absolutely love Stephanie Danler and really enjoyed her debut novel Sweetbitter (she has a really great instagram account and posts tons of awesome books and poetry, so if you are a word nerd like me check her out @smdanler). Additionally, she wrote the scripts so it's especially exciting to see how the first season of the television adaptation turns out! May 6th on Starz. 

Wrap on Que Sera Sera

It was such a blast- and a lot of hard work!- shooting Que Sera Sera short film with the kind and communicative director Daniel Blake Schwartz and kick-ass DP Frank Hegyi. My co-star Jack Schrader was super fun and great at keeping the energy up during what turned out to be a very intense shooting process. This was probably the most fun set environment I've been on- I can't wait to see the finished film, which addresses codependency and addiction, and was definitely a challenging character to portray.