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Alaska McFadden

Carriage House Trained Birth Doula

I am an LGBTTQIA+ friendly birth doula based out of Brooklyn, and serving all five boroughs. 

I believe that birth can be a beautiful and empowering experience, but that many people are not given that opportunity with the maternity care available today. As a doula I offer emotional, informational and non-clinical physical support for the laboring person (and, if they have one, their partner). My goal is to nonjudgementally support families in whatever setting they choose - from elective cesarean to home birth- in having the birthing experience and sensation management that they feel is right for them. I believe in enabling parents to feel safe, autonomous and able to advocate for the birth they want, make educated choices about their preferences, as well as seek the support they need during all stages of the birth process. I think the cornerstone for an empowered birth is information and support before, during and after birthing to encourage families that are not only physically but also emotionally and mentally thriving.

Pregnancy and birth are powerful liminal spaces. I believe in the ancient, innate and intuitive ability that we have to give birth and I respect the threshold that is crossed during that transformative experience. I am a huge proponent both of humor and of ritual during birth.  I want you to deliver your baby confidently, autonomously, and with joy. 

I am a low cost doula and work on a sliding scale. In some cases I am able to do pro bono work. Please contact me with any questions you may have.


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