I worked with Alaska McFadden for the first time at the beginning of her career as a doula at a long, intense home birth. Alaska was amazing. She had skills and instincts that can take a long time to develop and show up in a new doula. She was able to balance the needs and desires of the laboring woman with the families, and the health concerns of a long, exhausting labor. Alaska brought compassion and enthusiasm when appropriate, lightness and optimism when needed, and always professionalism. Her "bag of tricks" seemed endless for  whatever the occasion deemed necassary. Most recently she was the doula with a family that needed to transfer to the hospital. Again, Alaska had the skills and ability to adapt to the hospital enviroment for a satisfying experience for the woman and her family. Alaska knows a lot of coping mechanisms and can help find what works best for each individual, and has an understanding of the health care side of labor, birth and post partum period. She seemingly effortlessly is able to intergrate her knowledge to normalize the experience for first timers. 

My business partner and I have since recommended Alaska to a number of our clients and many hired her. We are looking forward to more birth experiences with Alaska!

Carol Bues, LM Midwifery Care NYC


I'm so thankful for having Alaska be my doula for my birth.  It was my first birth and I think that if she were not there, I would have had to have interventions to induce labor, which I was trying to avoid.  My water broke and my birth was not progressing very fast at all. She helped my labor get started by putting me on the Miles Circuit, enough so that my doctor gave me more time to progress. She helped me keep as close to my birth plan as possible. 

In prep for the birth, she gave us a lot of good resources.  Alaska was very knowledgeable, fun, and super supportive.  She made me feel comfortable laboring and I was so glad she was there to get me as well as my husband through it.

Alaska was great!


Alaska was fantastic!

I didn’t know just how much I was going to need her.

Really calming & really knowledgeable, she made the world of difference! 

I would happily recommend her to anyone.



When I first met Alaska she automatically reminded me of home. She's very charismatic and in tune with the world around her. I wouldn't ask for anyone else if I was to ever have another child. I went into labor very early in the morning and she was there to give me advice and 4 hours later when my water broke she came to take me to the hospital. We ended up meeting halfway because I really wanted to get to the hospital as fast as possible and she was able to meet me halfway which I felt was very convenient cuz I didn't want to take her out of her way but she made sure that she could be there for me. Alaska was very aware of my preferences and made sure staff at the hospital listened to my birth plan. She is smart, kind, and intuitive. She helped me stay comfortable and feel safe, while giving me a tranquil birth of my baby boy. Because of Alaska I would recommend a doula to my family and friends; with Alaska it was an educational and very fun experience giving birth to my son she was always there for me every step of the way. Overall I had a great experience having a natural birth with her by my side with my boyfriend. She even gave him great advice and suggestions and I would like to say that he feels that she did a great job and at first he wasn't so sure about a doula because he thought it was the same as a midwife but Alaska answered all his questions, explain the difference of a doula and a midwife to him, and made him very comfortable with the idea of her being by my side to help him in ways that he wouldn't know how to properly go about. I wish Alaska the best and I hope the guys reading this gives her the praise and adoration she deserves.



“Although I had always envisioned a peaceful home birth with the guidance of a midwife, never had I considered hiring a doula. It was only after much prodding by my midwives (shout out to MCNYC) that I began my search for a doula at 36 weeks. I was looking for a newly trained doula on a grad school budget. After meeting Alaska at our prenatal session, I knew I’d be in good company on my birthing day. She even brought over bone broth crafted by her loving hands despite having to travel long distances to my home. She listened to my birthing expectations and went over my birth plan so she could advocate for me in case of a hospital transfer. When labor finally began, all I wanted was to labor alone. As someone who is rather private, I preferred not to be watched while I gradually lost control of my bodily functions. My entire mindset shifted as pressure waves intensified and increased in frequency. Alaska helped me through the toughest contractions as she corrected my breathing, helped me change positions, and gave me much needed counter-pressure. She provided me with the strength to continue laboring in the comfort of my home. While the relief of an epidural frequently swept across my mind, Alaska remained supportive of my innermost desire to welcome my child at home. She had brought over a Mary Poppins’ bag full of supplies ranging from honey sticks to Arnica gel which felt amazing. I even had a chance to labor in candlelight on top of a cloud of pillows though I was feeling the least bit romantic. I am forever grateful for Alaska’s presence during my labor and delivery that I now consider doulas an indispensable part of childbirth, especially for first-time parents. I needed someone tougher to fight my inner demons during labor and I couldn’t have asked for someone more patient and resourceful. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Alaska and I know that she will go on to transform the lives of many families to come.”



“First of all, there is no one on planet earth who makes a better bone broth (very helpful post-partum). Second of all my birth was a truly insane one: we intended for it to be in a birthing center au naturale and instead I ended up in the ICU and during every twist and turn we had the support and unfailing energy of Alaska. She had all the potions, suggestions for positions and is definitely someone you can poo yourself in front of :) For a doula at the beginning of her career -- we were her first birth -- she was helpful, compassionate and knowledgable. Under such challenging circumstances she kept it together and we appreciate her for all her help. Since the birth she's stayed in touch and made sure we were readjusting and healing.”