All Bodies (formerly known as Cycles & Sex) : an unprecedented platform for reproductive & sexual health

Breast Feeding Made Simple : everything you need to know for your breastfeeding journey (including problem solving).

Boober : on demand, in- person lactation support (same day, home or hospital).

Evidence Based Birth “Putting evidence based information in the hands of communities, so they can make empowered choices.”

Carriage House Birth : Childbirth Education, Community Classes and Workshops

Carriage House Birth Registry Guide : amazon wish list of the basics you need for prenatal and postpartum

Corpus Ritual : writer, herbalist, breathworker, trauma & grief worker

Nettle Wellness : personalized holistic healthcare (Offering holistic gynecology, prenatal care, in-hospital deliveries, pelvic floor therapy, and in-home postpartum support)

The Living Womb : Placenta Encapsulation (Aisha Awadallah or Amelia Brady-Cole)