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I am a Brooklyn based artist and birth doula. As the second oldest of six kids (the last one a home birth!) I spent my whole childhood around babies and kids. I’ve worked as a bookbinder/book artist, improv comedian, writer, and filmmaker. I also spent 15 years in hospitality bartending and hosting immersive dinner events (Salt Tooth). My ability to connect with people while intuitively knowing how to meet their needs, make them comfortable, and support them was a natural segue from bartending into doula work. I also feel that my background in improv comedy makes it easy for me to read a room and bring a little lightness and humor to the whole big serious process of growing a human. I came to doula work from a growing reproductive advocacy interest. I believe that pregnancy and birth are potent threshold spaces that need to be protected so we can remain autonomous and powerful in those transitional moments. I think that everyone can benefit from support, especially during times of transition and growth and I’m happy to be in that role for birthing parents. I have many years experience in meditation and yoga and encourage my clients in finding personal connection ,rhythm, ritual and meditative peace during labor.

-Alaska McFadden

  • Carriage House Birth Doula Certified

  • Hypnobirthing Certified

  • American Red Cross Infant CPR Certified

  • Training for CBC (Breastfeeding Counselor Certification) via Birth Day Presence

  • Cornerstone Doula Training; Trans & ENBY birth parent support